Madonna (crown) Flower


When we were in Israel, the beautiful Madonna flower (Artedia squamata) seemed to grow everywhere in the north and central areas. Then, we traveled south into the Negev and desert areas and its disappeared. Although it does not need a great deal of water to thrive, the southern Israel desert is just too dry to support its growth.

The Madonna flower is beautiful, appearing both delicate and if I can apply a human term to a flower — serene. I liked looking at it possibly because it contains so many shapes in one flower.



The flower blossom itself is flat being a member of the Umbelliferae family of plants. It sets atop a thin stem with leaves that often dissect one or two times. Generally, the Israeli Madonna flower blooms in Israel March through May. Insects seem to love its nectar; often you see it with bees buzzing from one flower to another.

When the Madonna flower is done blooming, it still remains interesting; even when it changes to a brownish rather than white color. The spent flower becomes a fuzzy oval or half ball. It is often used in autumn wreaths.

Reflection: The Artedia squamata is diverse in its new bloom and attractive even when spent. Not a bad eulogy for an individuals as well as a flower.

Copyright: October 5, 2015; Carolyn A. Roth


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