Mellow Mallows


Reference: Job 30:4

I have to admit that I am confused about the mallow plant. In Zondervan’s Bible dictionary, the mallow is synonymous with Atriplex halimus, also known as the salt herb, saltwort, sea orache. Zondervan describes mallow as a robust bushy shrub eaten as a vegetable with little nutritional value.

I purchased mallow seeds (several different types of seeds). Then, planted them in my home garden and in the church garden. Some I planted in the shade and some in mostly sun. At home one lonely seed came up and gave me this beautiful plant. Somehow it doesn’t look like a bushy shrub. This may be another example of early colonial American’s naming plants incorrectly or seed companies just labeling a plant incorrectly then selling them by that name.

At church, I had a bunch of plants came up all with large leaves but no flowers. If you want to see an accurate picture of the salt plant, use the search feature on this blog. Several years ago I wrote about salt plants in relation to Job.


The point I want to make here is that there are a lot of counterfeits in the world. Many plants and items are mislabeled, e.g., as fun, as a religion. Many of these labels are not reality. As Christians, we have to discriminate between accurate (real) and “just a name.”

Reflection: Don’t settle for less than the real thing. Christ is really the Son of God and Son of Man.

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