Restoring Relationships


Restoring Relationships, Applying Behaviors of Obscure Bible Characters. (Bible Characters Series, Book # 2).

Behavior has meaning. Some meanings are obvious, while others require more thought to figure them out. Importantly, behavior must be interpreted in the culture and society when a Bible character lived. Some actions and behaviors of the studied Bible characters were admirable because they reflected God’s statutes and justice. Other behaviors were appalling, and, yes, even disgusting.

As I read and re-read Bible stories of obscure Bible characters, I saw their behavior had meaning. They didn’t live in isolation. None was a hermit or recluse. None acted independently from other individuals in their environment. All were in one or more relationship and these relationships influenced their behaviors. In Restoring Relationships, I studied the behavior of 72 relatively obscure Bible characters organized by their significant relationship.

I spent months contemplating how behaviors of these individuals were object lessons. How could understanding their behavior – good and bad – aid me to have more-healthy Christian relationships? This book is the result of my study and contemplation. Applying what I learned helped me to have better relationships. It will help you also as you reflect and apply their behaviors to your life.

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