The Beauty of A Weed


This beautiful little plant is called bugleweed. It grew on my back hill. Normally, the flowers are on upright stems about 5-6 inches tall and a delicate blue-purple color. It tends to bloom about June, but the green color remains all summer. Bugle weed makes a good border plant and can cover a large area. Once planted, bugleweed emits runners which form roots in to the ground along the length of the runner. Some gardeners would label bugle weed invasive.

Weeds are problematic. At first thought, most Gardeners don’t want them in a garden. We think of Jesus’ parable of the wheat and the weeds (tares) and are happy that we aren’t going to have the same fate as a weed. But, for some reason I like the little bugle weed because it is so cheerful looking.

Reflection: We have to be careful that we aren’t attracted only to outward appearances, remembering to look on the heart.

Copyright November 6, 2015: Carolyn A. Roth; all rights reserved.




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