In the liturgical year, we live life with Jesus day-after-day until finally one day, Jesus’ life becomes our own. When we integrate the church calendar into our lives, we become the message of Jesus. Our lives become the seasons of the church year. We are members of the cast in the greatest drama of all time – the life of Christ and his church. Like me, when you learned that there was a church calendar and church seasons, you may have said, “that’s nice” followed by, “why should I bother to learn this material? I’m busy with school, job, child rearing.” Nonetheless, if you decide to investigate the church calendar, likely your next question was: “Where can I get a book that is a ‘quick read?’ Some of you may have added, “I need an electronic copy.” This book is your answer, and, yes, it does come in electronic format.


Photographer: Jim Forney


“The church seasons with their beauty, depth of meaning, discipline, and hope are God’s gift to all of us. And, at just the right time, the kairos moment, God gives us Carolyn Roth and her 101 meditations to renew and revitalize our understanding and practice of these seasons. In Connecting the Church Calendar, Dr. Roth and collaborators provide an exceptional and timely gift, a unique vehicle for rediscovering the power and beauty of liturgical worship using the church calendar.”

 — Dr. Charles Ross

Connecting the Church Calendar: 101 Meditations for Church Seasons