No better source exists for a daily mediation than the Bible. In this devotional, meditations reflect Genesis events and people; but, the lens through which you view them is novel. Stories are told through plant creation. In the ancient near East, mankind lived close to the plant world. Often, early people had beliefs about plants that 21st century individual’s term superstitious. The meditations are short—yet, they stimulate your thoughts. Apply the Reflection to your life as you go throughout the day. If you are like me when reading a devotional, you don’t always have your Bible with you, i.e., you may be at a coffee shop or the break room at work. In these venues you’re often in a time crunch or don’t have the opportunity to look up the scripture reference. In this book, relevant Bible verses are included with each meditation.


It is very evident that the author is knowledgeable and devoted to the Bible and the instructions that the Lord has given us. A lot of research and thought has gone into the presentation of this book.

- anonymous Amazon reader review

Gardening Genesis: Meditations to Live By