Similar to the period Bible Judges, much of the United States of America is in turmoil. Entire congregations, even denominations,  move from God-centered worship to self-centered worship. Christians ask what happened to God’s laws in society? God’s responded to Israelite apostasy by instituting judges over his people.   As God sovereignty prevailed almost 3500 years ago in ancient Canaan, it will prevail over the epidemic of apostasy in Christians and in church congregations. 

This Bible Study points out parallels between Israelite tribal behaviors that required judge’s interventions and actions in 21st century church congregates that require interventions. Israelite judges pushed back on apostasy in the Promised Land. Who pushes back on apostasy in your church congregation?  This book encourages you and/or your study group to identify apostasy in your congregation and be the pusher-back on it.  

Judging Apostasy: A Bible Study for 21st Century Christians