Like us, plants groan under the impact of sin in the world. They wait in eager expectation for a new earth to be revealed.

Most people are unaware that the Bible mentions over 125 different plants. Yet, Holy Scriptures contain no excess information or "filler." Every scripture is given by God's and is valuable for instruction in holy living. Whether a fruit tree, cereal grain, or thistle, each plant has a purpose in Bible stories. Plants had meanings in ancients' lives, and that meaning extends to Christian lives of 21st individuals. We can learn, or perhaps refused to learn, Godly lessons from Bible plants.


This is a fun-to-read, educational book ~ a delightful surprise! Carolyn combines her vast knowledge as a Bible scholar and Master Gardener to enrich familiar Bible stories with background history as well as with fascinating facts about the often overlooked plants that are mentioned in these stories. She then adapts her plant messages to challenge the reader to examine their own life and faith. Thank you, Carolyn, for making all these unexpected connections for our benefit. 

- Cathy D. Dudley, Christian author for children and their families


Carolyn Roth's book, Rooted in God 2, is an excellent book to add to one's collection. Carolyn's research is thorough and relatable to one's life. The reader will be blessed to experience the faith message through Biblical application. Carolyn's work as a Master Gardener and lover of God's beautiful creation through plants enriches the reader's background of Biblical knowledge. I am pleased to recommend Carolyn's book.
- Barbara Baranowski, Director, Roanoke Valley Christian Writers 

Rooted In God 2: Decoding Bible Plants for 21st century life