This book is the intersection of ancient characters in the Torah—Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy—with legends of ancient cultures, scientific thoughts about events in in the first five books of the Bible, and some modern theologians’ perspectives. The book’s purpose is to  differentiate what is true (Bible lore) from what is deceit (legends, lies)  by: 

  • Reporting and analyzing similarities in religious legends in diverse ancient cultures. 
  • Comparing  scientific and theological thoughts to Bible lore.


Once individuals are aware of overlap in cultural, religious, scientific, and theological perspectives, each person can decide what they believe. Separating Bible Truth from Deceit can be used as an individual or group Bible study. At the end of each chapter is a page of Study Questions. Study questions allow readers to think more deeply about  chapter content, to discuss answers with colleagues in a group study, and to apply answers to their lives.  



"If I were a minister or a church leader responsible for a new and refreshing Bible study program this book would be my choice. Not only is it well- researched and carefully written but Carolyn has included many wonderful tidbits of information which makes each chapter more exciting. To make the selection for a group discussion even more readily useful, Carolyn has very well thought out questions which stretches the readers thoughts and imagination. Even if you’re not planning a Bible study I highly recommend this book as a must read."


-- Stephen Holoviak, PhD, Retired Dean and Church Vestry Member

Separating Bible Truth from Deceit